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At first, I felt a little awkward.

But, by watching Sophie…

…and Camryn

Both of my wonderful friends…

I began to get the hang of it.

“You’re better at this than I thought,” Sophie laughed.

“You sure?” I asked.”I feel like I’m at aerobics class!”

“No better exercise than dancing,” Camryn smiled widely.”And you get to look good doing it.”

Camryn had a point. I was working up a sweat, but I was having fun doing it. No icky old sweatpants here, though. Just a little black dress, my best friends, and the pulsing beat of the music.

I felt pretty. No, not just pretty. I was sexy. I was a goddess in black velvet. And I liked it.

Almost as much as I liked the drinks. So much better than the swill at Waylon’s.

Whatever that pink stuff was, I had a new favorite.

We spent a few hours in happy revelry, and only called an end to it when, giggling, Camryn fell off her high heels.


I suppose Girls Night Out was a great success. I felt a little more free…a bit more…uninhibited. I knew I’d do it again soon. Sophie and Camryn said they needed a break from it, though. Perhaps I did too.

The next morning was a good indication.