Custom Content

Here I’ll be listing any custom content I may have used. I’ll try hard to remember to update this as I go along (and if I can remember where things came from, it’s been awhile…)


Earrings by Rose sims

Jasmine Bridal Gown (short) by Anubis 360

Lilies Bridal Gown by Lunararc

“Mandarin Style” – Top for Females by Elexis

Something Borrowed: Heritage Bridal Collection (rings) by daluved1

Sunglasses by Esmeralda




My Blue Book

Cool Sims


Anubis 360

Items, decor, etc:

Bakery Shop items by Around the Sims

Hospital items by Hekate999

Misc. decor by Around the Sims

Notebooks and decor by Pickypikachu

One More Slot Please! by granthes

Food Decor by BYHSD

Misc. decor by Mimoto

Sailor Moon Posters by Plum


Awkward Moments pack by Kaleeko

Bedside Manner — Doctor/Children’s Poses by spladoum

Born to Perform: A Kid’s Pageant Pose Pack by Alice of Hearts

Cheerleader Pose Pack by JuBa_0oº

Cute Girl pack by TumTum Simiolino

Dangerously Cute pack by JuBa_0oº

Death Pose Pack by traelia

Mingle Pose Pack by Aeon

Pose Set 003 – Couple Poses by Collin2

Sugarly Sweet Sit pack by Eternila

Tangled Pose Pack by Forever Hailey

The Morning After by spladoum

Toddler’s Day Out pack by deivvus

Vampire Love by traelia

Wedding poses by Kiddo’s Dreams

Werewolf Attack by ArtistKate

Wheelchair poses by spladoum


Cigarette/Smoking Mod by cmomoney

Plum’s Painting Replacement


The Garden Chapel by proxxy


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