Here, I’ll answer any questions you may have. There’s not much here now, but perhaps later there will be.

Beware of spoilers, if you’re a new reader.


Q: Why does Layla’s choker keep changing colour?

A: It’s a cameo pin. She changes the ribbon frequently to match her outfits, or depending on how she’s feeling that day. Her favorite is a black velvet or pink silk ribbon.

Q: Why “Hemophobia”?

A: Why, why not? Heh. Let’s be serious, though. Layla has a fear, not of blood itself, but consuming blood and flesh. Hemophobia, or “fear of blood”, sounded quite a lot better than any other possible definition available.

Q: Was Kale named after a leafy green vegetable?

A: No. His full name was Kalen. He just shortened it.

Q: What was up with that crazy dream of Jade’s?

A: Jade has a peculiar psychic talent that was passed down her father’s line. Her paternal grandfather also had it. She’s not in control of it, nor does it happen often.

Q: After she died and before Jade brought her back, where was Layla?

A: In a cooler, in the morgue. When she came to, she was rapping gently at the door, asking to be let out. She had a mild case of frostbite.


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